Adam William Rush

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Adam William Rush Market Harborough

Known to the Police

Adam William Rush is well known to the police for various offences all accross the United Kingdom.

Adam William Rush Brighton

Known Housing Benifit Fraud

Adam William Rush had commited housing benifit fraud, and his national insurance number begins with JJ.

Adam William Rush Cardiff

Known Alias's

Adam William Rush is also known by several nicknames including "Nunky", "Bushy" and "Adie" to name a few..

What is this web site about?

Adam William Rush Brighotn

Several people and businesses have been fooled by Adam William Rush over the years. The purpose of this web site is to inform potential employers and employes in advance that he can not be trusted. We are working in conjunction with Facebook for updates, and Twitter for sightings to inform as many people as possible. Please support this site and our social media sites..

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Web Site News


Launch of our new designed web site to assist people in not being taken in by Adam William Rush.


Facebook has removed our pages at the request of Adam William Rush. It appears he does not want his history published to others!! We wonder why this is?


Twitter page established so you can report any sightings of Adam William Rush. There are a lot of people who wish to see / speak with him again!!